What Raises and Lowers Your Blood Pressure? Learn the Facts Right Now

Your blood pressure naturally goes up and down but there are factors that can cause a permanent rise. However, knowing what makes it go up can be a life saver. If you are able to control these factors, you can live a long life without having to take pills to control your hypertension. Continue reading this article to learn the common causes that raise you to hypertensive levels and also learn of an info guide that can show you how to lower and control your blood pressure naturally.

First and foremost I think everyone knows that salt raises their blood pressure. You probably have been told by your doctor to cut down the consumption of it. However, do you ever wonder how is it that salt raises the pressure in your blood? Let me tell you how it does it. First, the salt is difficult to process by your liver so it swims around in the blood stream for longer periods of time. Next the salt absorbs water and when it does, it increases the pressure in your blood stream. Your heart has to work harder to pump the blood around your body.

That is how salt raises your blood pressure. Another think that raises your blood pressure is smoking! When you smoke, your lungs inhale the tobacco smoke and your oxygen levels drop. This means your blood stream will have less oxygen running through it and this translated into your heart working harder to pump blood around your body. At all costs try to avoid smoking. It is the number cause for heart disease in the United States.

There are natural ways to lower your hypertension. It does not all have to be bad tasting food. In fact, did you know that chocolate can actually lower you hypertension? I think everyone agrees that chocolate is yummy.

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